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OctaFX offers two main trading platforms that can be easily accessed from the computer or a mobile device. First OctaFX can be accessed through the highly popular MetaTrader series of forex platforms.OctaFX - merupakan salah satu broker forex terkenal di Dunia dan telah banyak meraih penghargaan berkat suasana trading yang sangat nyaman. Sejak didirikan tahun 2011 oleh tim profesional dengan target pasar internasional, OctaFX berkembang dengan cepat menjadi broker forex ritel terkemuka dan banyak digunakan Trader di Indonesia.As an EU member state resident you are currently viewing the website by Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd with registration number HE359992. Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC with license number 372/18.Octa Markets Incorporated adalah broker forex yang diakui di seluruh dunia. OctaFX menyediakan layanan broker forex untuk kliennya di lebih dari 100 negara. Broker yang dibanned cftc. Octa FX - merupakan salah satu broker forex terkenal di Dunia dan telah banyak meraih penghargaan berkat suasana trading yang sangat nyaman.Sejak didirikan tahun 2011 oleh tim profesional dengan target pasar internasional, Octa FX berkembang dengan cepat menjadi broker forex ritel terkemuka dan banyak digunakan Trader di Indonesia Octa FX - salah satu broker Forex terbaik di market, untuk semua trader di seluruh dunia.Octa FX menawarkan akses trading CFD, komoditas dan indeks dengan kondisi trading yang memenangkan penghargaan.Function get Script (url, cb) window.__vue Components Loaders = []; window.__vue Apps = ; function __vue Component Load (loader, store) { var deps = [Url]; if (!!

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Loader.async Css Url) require(deps, function(Component) { var component Id = Component Id; if (! Vue I18n({ locale: 'de', fallback Locale: 'en', messages: {"de":{"acc_compare_read_more":"Weiterlesen","acc_compare_floating_micro":"Gleitende Spreads, ab 0,4 Pips","main_menu_promotions":"Werbeaktionen","main_menu_trading_conditions":"Spreads und Konditionen","main_menu_label_pro":"Pro","err_password_required":"Bitte geben Sie ein Passwort ein","main_menu_why_choose_us":"Das spricht f\u00fcr uns","main_menu_ib_supercharged":"Supercharged 2 IB-Kategorie","acc_compare_margin_call_stop_out_level_micro":"25% \/ 15%","main_menu_assets":"Produkte","acc_compare_swap_free_commission_pro":"3-Tage-Geb\u00fchr","acc_compare_deposit_ecn":"100 USD","main_menu_bank_interest_rates":"Zinss\u00e4tze","main_menu_copier_area":"Kopiererbereich","main_menu_sign_in":"Anmelden","main_menu_rupee":"Rupee fixed rate","main_menu_islamic_accounts":"Islamisches Konto","main_menu_open_account":"Konto er\u00f6ffnen","footlink_sitemap":"Seitenindex","main_menu_free_steps_to_trading":"In drei einfachen Schritten zum Trader","most_common_option":"Am beliebtesten","main_menu_trading_signals":"Tradingsignale","acc_compare_no_commission_markup":"Ohne Geb\u00fchren oder Aufschlag","aside_new_acc_resend_email_tip_wait":"Sehen Sie in ein paar Minuten erneut nach, manchmal gibt es eine kurze Verz\u00f6gerung.","acc_compare_margin_call_stop_out_level_pro":"45% \/ 30%","aside_forgot_password":"Passwort vergessen?Octa Markets Incorporated is a worldwide recognized forex broker.Octa FX provides forex brokerage services to its clients in over 100 countries of the world. Simple forex trading. Learn about best trading conditions and security standards to make your Forex trading experience profitable with #1 international ECN Forex brokerOctaFX - one of the best Forex brokers on the market, for traders all round the world. OctaFX offers access to CFD trading, commodity trading and indices trading with award-winning Forex trading conditions. As well as access to the Forex market, OctaFX offers a variety of promotions that can help youIs OctaFX a scam or legit broker? No, it is not safe to trade with OctaFX. OctaFX is owned by Octa Markets Incorporated which is an offshore company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is notorious for its practically absent requirements and regulations. Due to the setup cost is low and it does not.

I traded with Octaforex for almost 1 year and during this 1 year period, I felt that they always delayed my executions especially during news time although I am not news traders.After reading all the reviews here, I have to reconsider to withdraw all my funds. We’d be happy to look into your account, check your trades, and try to improve your experience with us. During my entry before the gbp election news, i have put an open position a buy stop entry which my order id 8633868.Please, simply share your trading account details with us and we’ll make sure your complaint is taken care of in the timeliest manner possible. i did put a buy stop at 1.32 before the market close or crash or network problem (as per support said) or whatever it is.then it changed to 1.35116 after the market back to normal and cause me to margin call.entry that supposedly at 1.32 was changed into 1.35116 without my acknowledgment. I would like to reclaim all the money not only the capital but also the profit that should belong to me. From the standpoint of awards, OctaFX has been exemplary. The Global Banking and Finance Review and the Forex Report Magazine, two online portals that provide informative and independent news for the global banking and finance industry, recognized OctaFX as the “Best ECN Broker 2017” and “Best Trading Conditions in 2016”, respectively.OctaFX is a well established CFD and Forex broker that has grown considerably over the past few years. Through a combination of low fees, advanced technology and efficient customer support, OctaFX has managed to expand into over 100 countries.OctaFX Supercharged 2 Contest is over now. BMW X5 M, Lexus GS-F, Honda Civic Type R, as well as 36 top-notch smartphones and 36 brand new smartwatches have all found their happy owners.

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And notify us too if you couldn’t afford to pay during the news if we earn profit too much.4. Fix the connection during news because we cannot trade during that time and you could simply make us loss!Dont simply always make a gap and blame network problem or connection if u guys manipulate the chart so often. Regards, User that used to trust Octafx Dear trader, First of all, we wish to thank you for your insightful feedback on the things we could be improving.We're aware your complaint has been handled by our Trade Compliance Department, who investigated your trades thoroughly and decided to compensate your trades accordingly. Long term forex. We hope that this instance won't shadow your overall trading experience with our brokerage.Please know that it's user feedback that helps us improve our services, therefore be happy to hear more from you should you have any additional feedback.Also, we'd like to kindly ask you to update your review for the FPA community to acknowledge that your case has been dealt with successfully. Dear Rogerdelpk, Indeed all our deposits and withdrawals are free, as we receive a commission for your trading from our liquidity providers, which enables us to cover these fees for you.

Trade dengan Broker Forex OctaFX Indonesia dan kondisi terbaik Spread rendah, Tanpa Swap, Tanpa Komisi. Klaim dan tarik bonus deposit 50%OctaFX Review. Lovers of football will be pleased to know that OctaFX is currently the sponsor of Southampton Football Club. For those who aren't swayed by a.OctaFX - wichtige Infos auf einen Blick Konditionen & Gebühren Orderarten bei OctaFX Details zu Mindesteinlage & Plattform ➔ Jetzt informieren! Forex broker reviews uk. [[Their CSR helped me in resolving this issue very fast and informed their financial department.After another 30 minutes, money were received via Bitcoin. Sep 21, 2018 - 1 Star Very bad support, average spreads, unregulated company!I asked the support whether the spread on c Trader is all I pay and they told me that I will pay a weekend fee as well if orders remain opened for the weekend!

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When I made a deposit and started trading, I noticed that the net profit/loss is higher. When I added it, it really showed that they take additional commission but they didn't inform me in the real chat.This means that their support is completely useless.Apart from this, you cannot withdraw all your funds! Therefore, some cents remain in your account which is disadvatange. Apa itu arbitrage trading. In comparison with my primary broker, Octa FX has higher spreads and lower number of trading instruments, it is not regulated, support is not trained!It provides all 3 platforms - MT4, MT5 and c Trader which is a plus for them.Reply by Octa FX Rep submitted Sep 27, 2018 Dear ruseneca, We verified your claim and we would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Consequently, we made a decision to return the commissions you paid to your account.Regarding the commissions tab is not hidden, rather it is a default look of c Trader platform.As for withdrawals to ensure a smooth flow of transactions, we do not allow withdrawals with decimals yet, but we are working on improving the system. Cara melakukan forex. And similarly we constantly work on improving our services, therefore if you'd like to contact us and suggest ideal spreads and trading instruments we'll be happy to welcome your feedback.Once again, we humbly apologize and we hope that this will not spoil your experience with us in the future. All money (1030$) are compensated back into my trading account.Got my withdrawal just now and I am happy that broker did the right thing.

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Thank you Nov 15, 2019 - 1 Star I have been trading with octafx since july 2019account no is 4058880.yesterday i traded nzd news and made over 1175 $ but my broker ate almost all my profit when i closed my trades i got only 149 $.I was was so unbeleivable i thought it was a good regulated broker.fortunately i was recording the video of trade so i have the proof of this scam but i am not able to attach here.i contacted them sent them this video even after watching the video they are not paying me my money.***order no 6850661 3 lot size i closed at 370 usd profit (according to the video) but i got only 90 usd (according to trade history).Order no 6850999 size 1.50 lot was closed by me on 810 usd profit (according to the video) but i got only 49.85 usd (according to trade history). Total profit was 1179 and octa gave me only 150$.***help me with this cannot help me i just can expose octa with sharing that video on every social media and in traders forums.i have the video proof.Reply by Octa FX Rep submitted Nov 27, 2019 Dear hamdi786, As you're probably already aware, our team reviewed your complaint and decided to compensate your trades.We compensated almost1000 USD to your trading account as if the orders were closed at the best prices available at the moment. I found this (Octa Fx) broker is doing excellent job.

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As much as we understand the inconvenience please, note that during news releases, such situations may occur, as our servers are bustling and prices are being quotes too fast. only draw back is, trading commission is high (If you don't want them to deduct swap they will charge a commission on your trades daily. Now a piece of advice for newbie traders and those who make losses consecutively..Consequently, we'd like to remind you as well as all our community here on FPA that news trading involves higher risks. Dear Faisal, We're very happy to read such positive feedback. I am a full time forex trader, trading since 11 years. oh come on, then what will be their income if you get everything free?? All brokers have their own rules and this broker also have rules. they are processing my withdrawal on time without any delay.Having all this in mind, we are glad that we were able to meet you halfway and resolve the issues to your satisfaction. Community discussion of this issue I've been using Octafx for 1 year. Low spreads, easy deposit and withdrawal, attractive promotions, no slippage. We hope you'll continue to enjoy our services to the fullest and if there's anything we can do for you please, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. what we should do is , perform the trades very carefully with proper money management, then no one can manipulate your account or steal your money. Dear ashiq11985, Thank you for your insightful feedback about your experience with our services. Intraday usdjpy forex system. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us anytime. This Forex trading is like a race, who commits mistakes will be out of the game. Now i am making decent income and making withdrawal everyday! We are pleased to read about your success story but also to learn about the setback you feel have somehow affected your trading enjoyment.Your voice and opinion are precious as it will help us improve our services to your future benefit. Nov 13, 2019 - 2 Stars I recently won the Octa Fx c Trader weekly contest and received my prize into my wallet, I then tried to withdraw $50 but saw a message saying I needed to deposit to withdraw via a method so I did, then when I withdrew they processed my withdrawal via local bank (I asked them what bank they will send with and they said GTBank) so I was hopeful I would receive the money before day's end since interbank transfer in this country doesn't take more than 5 minutes to reflect.If there's anything we can do for you please, do not hesitate to contact us anytime. My withdrawal has been processed to my bank not sure why it took so long but at least I got it now. But when I didn't see anything that day I contacted my bank the next day and was informed there was no incoming transfer, so I contacted Octa Fx and informed them they then told me that my withdrawal will be added back to my wallet as I gave them incorrect banking details (I double checked even after they said that and the details were correct) but I played ball and said I would request a new withdrawal.