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VantagePoint is an excellent tool for creating the edge one needs to be successful in today’s trading environment. The issue, though, is not the value of the software; rather, it is the effort it takes to fully grasp that value and then to understand how to fully utilize the value in developing a trading strategy based on the software.In fact he's been using AI in his trading for over 30 years. VantagePoint, the first commercially successful trading software that utilized AI.My Trading Buddy Recommends VantagePoint Trading Software. VantagePoint is the only software that uses neural network technology to analyze markets from a global perspective. VantagePoint’s patented technology provides market forecasts 1-3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy for thousands of stocks, futures, forex and ETF’s.If you're thinking about investing in a trading software it's important to know how and when to expect to see a return on your money. Gne trading indonesia. There's no shortage of tools in the business of trading. So when I chose to make the Larry Williams indicators available for the retail trader in Vantage Point Software, it was because I am 100% certain that this is one of the finest trading tools available.Watch my video where I talk about this exclusive partnership... Since my name is front and center in everything I do and I've built a reputation in this business, I only want to partner with people who are willing to do the same.The Mendelsohn family is the heart and soul of the Vantage Point software, and we've had a very long and positive relationship.

VantagePoint Trading Software

I've known Louis Mendelsohn (Lou) for close to 40 years.Not only have we been friends, I've truly respected his work as a pioneer in the trading software industry.His son Lane and I have also developed a close personal and working relationship and I like the integrity and passion with which they drive and grow the company. I'm agnostic about what market I trade, I am just looking for opportunity.The Vantage Point Software helps you find these trading opportunities in Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETFs from across the globe.My indicators truly complement Vantage Point's predictive tools by providing insight into what the big money players are doing so you can compete in their game.

The Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index measures professional accumulation and distribution and is specifically designed for today's 24-hour electronic markets.The Williams Professional Sentiment Index measures the sentiment of professional traders as a group.There is another important reason why I chose to put my indicators in the Vantage Point software. I spent a lot of time with both their research and development and customer support teams, and I've seen firsthand how they are actively showing traders how to use them in ways that work for their specific trading needs. Diskusi antar pemain forex. So while you may not have the bank roll of a large hedge fund, with the Williams Professional Sentiment Index and Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index in Vantage Point software, you can learn when I think the big traders are buying or selling, often tipping off the start of extended trends.Pairing the Larry Williams early alert indicators with the predictive indicators that Vantage Point provides based on its pattern recognition and intermarket analysis, is an ideal combination. Not everyone has the time to sit and manually trade the forex markets themselves.This is where the invention of forex robots (otherwise known inside MT4 as Expert Advisors) changed the trading industry forever.

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Forex traders have countless forex robots available to install directly from their MT4 platform, as well as the ability to custom program their own forex trading system into what could possibly be the next best thing in automated forex trading.Automated trading is where the industry is headed and MT4 won’t let you get left behind.Vantage FX has designed a state of the art fibre optic network connecting our global servers that automated traders can benefit from. Receive a free demo of VantagePoint Software and you will automatically qualify for a discount of up to 00.Vantagepoint AI is the software company that developed the first artificial intelligence trading software in the.Vantage Point Trading, London, United Kingdom. 1281 likes 3 talking about. Trading Tutorials - Trading Software and Site Reviews.

MT4 signals can be filtered, studied and applied to your account directly from the trading platform, with this streamlined process allowing you to follow the most profitable forex traders while focusing your attention elsewhere in the markets.Data Masons created the leading web-based EDI platform for Microsoft Dynamics ERP users delivered with expert service in the cloud.Thousands of standard document integrations and pre-built partner connections simplify EDI projects by introducing no embedded customizations to the ERP platform. [[With over 1500 global Microsoft customers, Data Masons delivers simplicity and accelerates B2B e-Commerce projects. Overall: ROI on software was estimated at 2 years for full payback.Based on our time savings in processing EDI documents, reduction in VAN costs, ease in implementing new trading partners, and streamlined processes, ROI was met in only 12 months.As our company has grown, Vantage Point has been stable and provided the EDI infrastructure required for our sales growth.

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We went from 200,000 documents a year to over 1,000,000 annually within the past few years and the software has met and exceeded our expectations.In addition, we have been able to customize the software to meet our operational needs.Pros: Turnkey solution that was fairly painless to implement. Blog de trading. Our company was up and running with 7 major trading partners within days.The software is customizable both from a user interface and enterprise perspective.Vantage Point provides options for the novice user/administrator up to the expert....allowing you to tailor your EDI infrastructure based on your organizational needs.

Automated scheduling of EDI processes has reduced our cost of ownership and labor costs to process EDI documents. Cons: Error message and exception processing for problem EDI documents can sometimes be cryptic.After years of use we have developed reporting to assist with this issue.Will take novice users a fair amount of time to be knowledgeable on how to decode document errors. Forex simulator 2016 free download. Overall: Vantage Point is very user-friendly software, and has been extremely reliable.Data Masons support team has been outstanding to work with - on the rare occasion we have a question or problem, they're very responsive and we get a resolution very quickly.Pros: Vantage Point makes it easy for my business users to see and manage their EDI data, so that I only have to get involved if there's a problem.

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I love that Data Masons has maps already written for our customer's specs, so that development / implementation time is reduced.Cons: It took a little time to get used to having separate instances for each country, but that has worked out well to be able to isolate our EDI partners, and the business users only see the customers they support so that reduces confusion.Overall: We approached Data Masons out of frustration with our former EDI vendor. Cryptocurrency trading. Their solution is logical and very automated so that our business users are much more efficient.We have found Data Masons is also ethical and fair, standing behind their solution, which makes them a partner rather than a vendor - something we value and look for at our organization.Pros: Adapts to our business - not the other way around.

Vantage trading software

Onboarding new Trading Partners (TPs) is easy and timely.Maintenance of system is extremely lowonce a TP is setup it just works.Integrates nicely, smoothly with our ERP (Dynamics GP). Real estate broker. Vantage Point 4 has a new navigation and reporting pane, like any change it took some time to get use to but I am able to track done the information I need when doing any research or troubleshooting, big improvement over our former solution that was embedded and had poor support.Cons: After using the solution for some time, ee feel we know enough about the system to speak to level 2 support techs when we call out of the gate, but we follow protocol.Once we reach the right person, we've always had a good outcome.